MaryAnn, Purple Bloom Group’s Founder and CEO, has had a passion for filmmaking since she was only 15. After studying at UCLA, interning, and working in the industry, she knew it was her purpose. She has worked with creative filmmakers from Disney and Warner Brothers on documentary and community projects and has been involved in various steps of the filmmaking and production process.


Natalie Kubes

Natalie Kubes is a Digital Media Coordinator from Los Angeles, California. She’s helped create content for events of non-profit organizations, cable television networks and popular online channels. She has a passion for visual storytelling and making people laugh. Natalie currently works in post-production for reality television. She is Purple Bloom’s Post-Production Coordinator.


Brendan Byrne

Brendan is a documentary filmmaker focusing on the outdoor space. He finds his passion in connecting with like minded people, companies, and organizations creating visually immersive stories that explore the connections we have with ourselves, our communities, and our environment. Over the past several years, he has created video content for Adventure Aide, a platform for browsing and booking outdoor adventures, Patagonia, Poler Stuff, the Environmental Defense Center, Direct Relief, the Smithsonian & Marine Science Institute at University of California Santa Barbara, as well as the National Park Service.

Tyler Schiffman

Tyler has devoted his career to working on films that will make a true impact in our world. He has worked with the esteemed travel photographer, Chris Burkard, and was a cinematographer on numerous projects, including a unique series about National Geographic figure Kimi Werner as she seeks to live a sustainable lifestyle. 

Through his work as a freelance photographer, his photographs can be found decorating the walls at the United Nations and featured in publications such as The Los Angeles Daily News and The Inertia. Tyler graduated from the University of Southern California where he studied environmental science and filmmaking.


Zlatina Zareva

Zlatina is a Graphic Designer from Bulgaria with over 8 years of experience, working in major advertising agencies and creating campaigns for clients in publishing, television, banking, festivals, NGOs and more. Working both in a team and as a freelancer has helped her gain understanding in all aspects of the creative process, management and execution. Her work has been featured in different exhibitions and she is currently represented as a Digital Artist by Shannon Associates New York. Her ultimate goal is to be able to use her creative power for social, environmental and wildlife positive change.


A few words to describe Han is a strategic, multidisciplinary designer & art director with an eye for innovation and pixel perfection. Although his skill set is vast, Han’s greatest expertise revolve in the worlds of interactive design, UX, social media, brand identity design, content creation and print collateral.​


Gregory Edwards

Born and raised in the Inland Empire, Gregory was raised by first, RPGs, and later on, hip hop. In college, he learned that he could combine the two through art help create something new. As a child, he dealt with heavy depression, but he found true meaning to his life when he went to college pursuing art. Going from a pessimistic child with little direction to an optimistic adult yearning to improve himself, he wishes to help inspire those lost souls as well and help them find their meaning in life.


Denise Mann

Denise worked with MaryAnn to help coordinate a screening event “California’s Forgotten Children” and has had administrative and coordinative experience prior to. She is currently working with PBG to establish a “TrunksUP” chapter in San Luis Obispo.


Raul Alcantar

Raul A. Alcantar is our editor, he was raised to the tune of 80’s pop in the vineyards of Napa Valley. His parents fed his Star Wars obsession with toys, video games, and PJs. In high school, he took a stab at filmmaking shooting modern-day Shakespeare scenes and Mexican Revolution dramatizations, which led him to pursue a career in film. He graduated from the USC School of Cinematic Arts in 2015 and has been working in the world of post-production for non-profits, documentaries, advertising, and startups ever since.

Brian L. Tan

Brian L. Tan (BLT) is a man of many talents! He launched his own company, WRAPAL, which connects filmmakers to filming locations and has also worked in VFX for various films including Tron: Legacy, X-Men, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and Jack the Giant Slayer, while pursuing independent films, commercials, and documentaries on the side. He is also an avid director and was a Top 20 finalist for HBO’s Project Greenlight.


Kimberly Navarro

Kimberly Navarro currently runs PBG’s social media and assists with other marketing tasks. She is currently working on her career in advertising and runs a ramen blog. Her goal is to work for an ad agency as a copywriter.

Casey Tolentino

Casey was our previous Marketing intern. She recently graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo as a Business Information Systems Major with an Ethnic Studies Minor. During her time as an intern, she found an appreciation for businesses that promote social change and create purposeful art.


Katie Kirk

Katie is a 4th year Business Administration student concentrating in Marketing Measurement and minoring in Integrated Marketing Communications. She stays up-to-date on new by reading American Marketing Association published findings, listening to podcasts, and reading a variety of marketing and psychology books.


Rebecca Zimmermann

As a fourth year business student, concentrating in Entrepreneurship and minoring in Integrated Marketing Communications, Rebecca has a true entrepreneurial and creative mindset. Her determination is driven by her desire to excel in her work and in her personal life. She is fascinated with people and wants to pursue a career where is can help others and build strong relationships. ​

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