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Why Video Marketing Is Worth The Investment

February 7, 2019

By Kaitlyn Kirk


If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine how valuable videos are. Video marketing has steadily been growing in popularity and with its stunning results it is easy to see why. Videos can increase landing page conversion, boost social media engagement, and improve return on investment. There is no limit to the versatility of videos, no matter what their intended purpose is. For instance, a video may have been created to inform viewers about a product, yet add value to viewers because it is aesthetically pleasing or funny, and be shared because of this. Informational videos can also help consumers understand a product better and build trust. 57% of consumers gain confidence in purchasing online from videos.

Some ground rules to keep in mind when creating a video are to make sure that videos are mobile friendly and no more than 2-3  minutes long. More than 75 million people in the United States watch videos daily so there are strong guidelines that viewers expect videos to follow. Viewers will be more engaged if the video is presented in the ideal form. Make sure to ensure that your video appeals to the demographic that you are trying to target, addresses your business’s needs, and is optimized for the platform it will be displayed on.


Posting videos on social media sites can increase your overall brand awareness and increase conversions. Video marketing is not the easiest form of marketing to create, but the results are worth the effort! 

Dynamic Nutrition Specialist Promotional Video Production-A behind the Scene Recap


This mornings production called for a 5:30am wake up call…brutal right?! The crew headed to Grover Beach to shoot the opening scene: Gemi running on the beach in a tank top. However, with the outside temperature just barely reaching 36 degrees, a tank top was not suitable—Gemi had to make an outfit change. By 6am “plans” had already altered, but let’s be honest, when does production ever run as planned?

While Maryann, Brendan Byrnes (The Director of Photography) and Gemi captured the last opening shots,  interns Rebecca and Katie gathered with the marketing team at a local coffee shop to discuss marketing strategies and exciting upcoming projects. Prior to this production, Rebecca and Katie had only met Ryan, Natalie and Alex virtually, which made this meeting very exciting!


At 11am the entire crew met at a new location, a beautiful home in downtown San Luis Obispo. Immediately upon walking in the front door, interns Katie and Rebecca stumbled upon unfamiliar faces. Some of Gemi’s clients volunteered to be in one of the scenes and were there to support the making of her promotional video. With lots of extra helping hands on set, Katie and Rebecca also had the opportunity to participate in the client scene and partake in a typical health coaching session.


At 12pm lunch was served. Gemi’s husband generously provided the crew with a colorful display of homemade sushi rolls, grilled chicken kabobs, and a delicious green salad.  With production being an all day extravaganza, a nutritious meal at this time of day was crucial to keeping everyone’s energy and concentration high.

Fortunately, the spacious house had several naturally lit and open rooms that allowed Maryann and Brendan to capture the remaining shots at the same location. This not only eliminated travel time, but also allowed production operations to run smoothly. The kitchen, living room, study, and front room all offered different scenery which gave the crew options on where to shoot various scenes. By 3pm production was a wrap. Gemi couldn’t have been happier with how the day unfolded. A text from her later that evening read “Thank you, thank you for making today awesome!” Reading this validated that all of Purple Bloom’s hard work paid off!

Meet one of Purple Bloom Group’s Clients: Nourish the Brain Institute

An insight as to why the founder of NBTI, Gemi Bertran, collaborated with Purple Bloom Group 

By Rebecca Zimmermann

April 2019 will mark the debut of Nourish the Brain Institute (NTBI) semester of online learning to become a Certified Dynamic Nutrition Specialist (DNS), thanks to the help of Purple Bloom Group—the production team behind turning Gemi’s knowledge into an online learning experience for prospective health coaches. Through the unique hands-on program, students can be trained and prepared to begin their own successful business of health coaching with profound results.

Early in 2018 the founder of NTBI, Gemi Bertran a certified health coach originally from Barcelona, approached Purple Bloom Group with her vision of creating an online DNS training course. She had an idea of what she wanted the course to encompass and how she wanted to present the material but lacked the quality equipment and creativity to make it come together. In an interview, she stated, “I needed a production company to shoot the course I created, Dynamic Nutrition Specialist and that need came to me right after I met MaryAnn (Founder of Purple Bloom Group) so I believe we met for a reason.”

Over the past five months, Purple Bloom Group has worked closely with Gemi in order to make her vision come to life. Gemi, like many budding entrepreneurs, was eager to find a production company that could meet her needs within a low budget. Purple Bloom Group, LLC like many budding agencies, seeks to work with local businesses within the healthcare or non-profit sector. This made for a perfect match.

Gemi testifies how Purple Bloom Group keeps its promise and fulfills all aspects of production. In the interview, she stated “I never thought I would need to work with a production company but now it seems like I can’t live without one. They are professionals in the field and when you have a big project like mine, you want to work with the best and they are the best.” Purple Bloom Group differentiates themselves from other content creation companies by offering quality equipment and hiring professional filmmakers in order to create powerful and quality work within a low budget.

Behind the Scenes:A Glimpse into the Production of “The Lightweight Warrior”

February 9, 2019

By Katie Kirk

What went into the production of “The Lightweight Warrior”? 12 hours, a dozen donuts, 1.5 hours in a car, and a lot of passion! Video production is best described as trial by fire. Hours of preparation go into planning the shoot and the team enters armed with a script, a schedule, and a multitude of plans, but most productions consist of being flexible when trying to achieve the desired shots.

Production for “The Lightweight Warrior” started at 7:00 AM sharp at Bloodline Gym in Santa Maria. Interns Katie and Rebecca arrived with “crafties”, or coffee and SloDoCo donuts, to fire everyone up before the shoot started. The next four hours were a blur as the team captured Jewels in her element as a single mother and a Professional Muay Thai fighter.

You never know what will be needed on a shoot, and the unexpectedly helpful item at this one was a quarter which was used as a screwdriver. Production took the team from Santa Maria to Atascadero to San Luis Obispo as they worked to capture each side of Jewels. The shoot wrapped up on top of a mountain, which was a beautiful and fitting end to both the video and an amazing day!


California’s Forgotten Children Screening Hosted by Purple Bloom Group

April 1, 2019

By Katie Kirk and Rebecca Zimmermann

“The Lightweight Warrior”, created by Purple Bloom Group, was shot by Director of Photography Melody Miller, who also directed California’s Forgotten Children, an award winning film that shines light on and combats child sex trafficking. This film is incredibly powerful and conveys an important message. However, powerful messages need help in order to have widespread reach. In a similar manner, this film needs audiences to achieve its desired effect.

Image may contain: 20 people, people smiling, people standing

Purple Bloom Group founder MaryAnn Talino rose to the challenge of this worthy cause and decided to facilitate a screening of the film in San Luis Obispo, California. Purple Bloom Group planned this screening in its entirety, from deciding on a location to creating an invitation list to coordinating day of logistics. 

The month leading up to the event was filled with lots of planning. In order to effectively market this event, the marketing team had to come up with a strategic marketing plan, which involved creating appealing promotional material. Locking down a venue was more difficult than anticipated, but with thorough research and in-person consultations, MaryAnn was able to secure the Downtown Cinema for the evening of March 22nd.

Image may contain: 3 people, people sitting

Two weeks leading up to the screening, another extremely exciting event took place for Purple Bloom Group. On March 8th they launched their website and activated all of their social media platforms. They introduced themselves to the public and the local community in their first ever social media post and plan to feature their team and community members of influence this spring.

Purple Bloom Group was thankful for activist and guest speaker, Carissa Phelps who delivered an empowering speech challenging us all to raise awareness, have belief, and give capacity to our communities. They are very grateful for those who attended the event and for the Family Care Network representatives who helped educate the audience on how to build capacities by donating,  volunteering and partaking in mentorship programs.  

Purple Bloom Group advocates for women’s rights and supports “The Lightweight Warrior” and Melody Miller entirely. By hosting this screening in downtown San Luis Obispo they hope to raise awareness of child sex trafficking to locals who have the power to make a difference. If you attended the screening and would like to share your thoughts or if you are seeking more information on how to support this cause please feel free to reach out to Purple Bloom Group via email at maryann@purplebloomgroup.com

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