We help your business bloom.

Purple Bloom Group is a budding creative advertising agency in San Luis Obispo county. Their multimedia content helps entrepreneurs and organizations who want to promote and connect with customers by creating effective quality visual advertisements. We offer quality productions powered by art and purpose.

We are dedicated to showing the world who you are, why you started your path, and what you have to offer the world.

When you hire us, we help your business empower itself and others through the lens of film and the foundations of social change.


Scriptwriting and Development

Storyboarding and Shot listing


Video and Audio editing

Motion graphics and animation

Commercial Productions

Promotional Videos

Instructional/Online Course Videos




Today’s modern marketers are looking to tell more enticing stories in order to authentically connect brands with customers. How are they doing this? According to multiple sites, the most engaging way to storytell is through video. Video marketing surpasses all other mediums of marketing because its inclusive nature gives more people the opportunity to appeal to the content and feel inspired. Viewers can watch, listen, read and/or feel what the brand is trying to express. And with more and more people having access to the internet in the palm of their hands, digital marketing is growing at a rapid pace.

As an agency focused on video marketing, Purple Bloom Group is aware of how powerful storytelling through video can be and that producing quality content plays a pivotal role in the execution. Although video production has a reputation of putting a major dent in companies’ wallets, Purple Bloom Group strives to work within the client’s budget. In an interview with MaryAnn, the founder of Purple Bloom Group, she shared that PBG’s multimedia content helps entrepreneurs, startups and organizations who want to advertise and connect with customers by creating quality and effective visual advertisements for half the cost of production. PBG is able to do so by collaborating with professional artists in the industry who have a passion for helping entrepreneurs flourish with their creative work.

When asked why someone should hire PBG to produce their marketing content, MaryAnn answered “if you have an idea or a vision, Purple Bloom will nourish it to help make it happen. We believe in our clients and that is why we take on the challenge of creating a powerful message to connect them with their customers. We invest our time and energy to our clients by providing an in-house service that will help their business bloom through video marketing.” Purple Boom Groups wants nothing more than to help local entrepreneurs and new businesses turn their vision into physical content they can implement into their marketing strategy for future success.

If you are an entrepreneur, startup, organization or small business owner seeking content marketing expertise on the Central Coast, I highly recommend Purple Bloom Group. PBG will not only offer you quality video marketing within your budget, but they also offer in-house marketing that will increase your visibility, engagement, and conversions. PBG’s project management skills are impeccable and ensure that your vision is fully executed in a timely manner.

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