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Purple Bloom Group offers quality productions powered by art and purpose. We are dedicated to showing the world who you are, why you started your path, and what you have to offer the world. When you hire us, we help your business empower itself and others through the lens of film and the foundations of social change.


PBG Team Spotlight: Brendan Byrne

Brendan Byrne is a documentary filmmaker focusing on the outdoor space. He finds his passion in connecting with like minded people, companies, and organizations creating visually immersive stories that explore the connections we have with ourselves, our communities, and our environment. He has worked on numerous projects with AdventureAide, Patagonia, and recently, Off the Grid with Zac Efron.


NextGen Program

Seeking to help mold the aspiring filmmakers of today into the exemplars of social change for the future, our NextGen program is designed to take neophytes to the film industry and build them up professionally. The program focuses on harnessing the interconnectivity and mass popularity of social media to be used as a vehicle for social change. Learning to use their phones for the right reasons and staying connected through more than just “likes” and “followers.”



Under this concept new team members will learn how to create promotional materials for both clients and the company itself. Members will be able to shadow professionals and network with established experts of the film industry. Fundraising and crafting a professional portfolio will also play a large role in the opportunities within the program.

In co-ordination with Purple Bloom Group, the NextGen program will help fresh filmmakers start on their path as authentic auteurs in their field; increasing their visibility and viability to the industry at large.

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